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Dear Homeowner,

Due to the poor economy and high unemployment rate, many homeowners find themselves struggling to maintain a mortgage on a home that is worth less than what they presently owe. Most of those homeowners are also unaware of the alternatives to foreclosure. DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED BY YOUR LENDER’S threatening calls and letters. You have rights and I can educate and/or assist you with ways to AVOID FORECLOSURE and restore your credit.

If you have already tried to modify your mortgage and have been unsuccessful, there is still another option. I can help you “Short Sale” your home. A short sale is an agreement between the homeowner and the bank to list and sell the home for less than what is owed on the mortgage in order to create a quick sale, thereby avoiding foreclosure. By short selling your home you are in a sense “making good” with your lender and cannot be penalized for any defaulted payments. However, if you let your home go into foreclosure the bank has the right to come after you for repayment (possibly attaching your wages), even after you have lost the home.

You may have spoken to, or received correspondence  from others who are trying to buy or sell your home but who do not truly understand the short sale process. I am a local Delaware Short Sale Expert, and I have a dedicated team for short sales to ensure that the entire process runs as smoothly as possible for all parties involved.

Most importantly, you should know that a Short Sale is of no cost to you. The bank pays out all commissions and closing cost help that is negotiated into the contract. Additionally, some banks are offering a relocation credit to homeowners in distressed situations to assist with moving expenses. I have helped many individuals and families and I CAN HELP YOU TOO! Time is of the essence to contact me today to learn what your options are before it’s too late.


All information will remain confidential.  I look forward to speaking with you!

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